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What are Trustees Anyway?

The four trustees who make up the Board of Trustees are the folks who have the final decision making power at ZOID CITY Community and Community Competition. When there is a judgement call, it is the trustees who judge. When there is a dispute, it is the trustees who settle it. The trustees are also repsonsible for the mastering of the web site and the management of the competition, interactive story, web boards, and mailing list. All trustees are volunteers and try to do the best job they can.

Unlike those who run most other web site competitions, trustees at ZOID are proud of their real world credentials, and you can read about them here. It is a good feeling to know who is in charge, and it is a sign of the professionalism at ZOID that trustees reveal their real names and their place in the "real world." If you must have leaders, don't you deserve to know as much about them as possible? Well, that is part of ZOID Principles.

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bucking antelope

Handle: ZOIDRubashov
Name:Eileen H. Kramer
Email(s)    and
Hometown and Timezone Columbus, Georgia USA (Eastern Time)
Personal Home Page Unfettered Soul
Personal Professional Home Page click here
Education BA Biology and Society Cornell University Arts and Sciences 1984 and MLS Syracuse University School of Information Studies August, 1987.
Occupation Information Services Librarian for Science and Health Science Simon Schwob Memorial Library, Columbus State University.
Interests Voting and visiting competitoins, web graphics, html, midi, cats, cooking, current events, meeting people with different ideas and bringing them together, Judaism, and Spiritualism.
Duties Expert in voting and visiting competitions, scores and sets up competition. Yes, she fights too. Does routine web mastering and graphic design on the site. Advertises and recruits when she feels up to it. Needs two other voices of sanity or this place would not run.

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man with a ball.

Handle: Gothwalk(er)
Name: Drew Schiel
Hometown and Timezone Dublin, Ireland (Grenwich Mean Time EST/EDT+5)
Personal Home Page Anarchogothic Technopagan Webmaster from Dublin MkII
Education Attended Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
Occupation Webmaster (has just changed jobs and information is as yet unavailable.)
Interests Role playing games, Gothic lifestyle and music, Paganism, web design, fantasy art, anarchy, philosophy and psychology of cyberspace.
Duties Technical back up. Expert with CGI/Perl. Often the voice of sanity.

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time travel chair

Handle: Josh
Name:Joshua M. Bieber
Hometown and Timezone Endwell, NY (Eastern Time)
Personal Home Page Josh's Musical Chairs Tourney
Education Bachelors in Engineering Northwestern University 1983 and MIS (Masters in Computer/Information Science) Syracuse University 1990.
Occupation Software engineer IBM Endicott, New York
Interests Bridge, euchre, editor Gav and Peloso's Interactive Story, interactive stories, puzzles, programming, and web page design.
Duties Edits our own interactive story Bruno's Cafe. Another voice of sanity.

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A Tarot Fool

Name:Stephanie Chow
Hometown and TimezoneMacon, Georgia USA (Eastern Time)
Personal Home Page Recollections of a Mage
Education United States Army -- Advanced Individual Training at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indiana. MOS in Personnel Administration. Plenty of on-the-job training as well.
OccupationHas worked for Telesystems of San Antonio, Texas and Dell Computers both in Texas and Georgia in a technical capacity. Recently has found a new job. Information unavailable. Steph is interested in White Wolf roll playing, popular music, science fiction, particularly Piers Anthony, and online games and chats.
Duties Unlike her predecessor, Steph is active on the mailing list and personifies the ZOID spirit in that she is eager and willing to learn.

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