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Welcome to the ZOID CITY Web Ring. This is the ring for folks who belong to, support, and/oir frequently visit ZOID CITY Community and Community Competiton. If you entered this ring before I adopted it or over the summer as I kind of let it go, well why not become a ZOID supporter. It is never too late!

Where to Go from Here
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Here is the story. Some time last summer, I became the new ring master of the Strawberry Rain Web Ring. had declared the ring derelict and I applied to adopt it. They accepted me. Currently, I am tightening the ring's focus, cleaning up the ring itself, and cleaning up the queue which now numbers nearly four hundred souls. I have also created a new html fragment because the old one does not reflect our focus any more. Also both the Strawberry Rain name and concept were just way too cutesy for the taste of many of my fellow trustees at ZOID so out they went. One of the consolations of doing this work is having the power of fiat. In other words I am hopefully, a benevolent dictator. As a result, there have been some serious changes in the ring:

  1. The ZOID CITY Web Ring is co-ed. There is really no good reason for excluding the half of the human race that has a Y chromosome. If guys want to talk about Star Trek, fantasy football, Nintendo games or whatever else guys talk about, they are welcome to talk about it on their sites and sign up. Hopefully there should be many more males signing up now that we have a more male-friendly name.

  2. The ZOID CITY Web Ring is of course now closely affiliated with ZOID CITY Community and Community Competition. I am the Head of the Board of Trustees at ZOID CITY, and have worked on my web site learning community for months. Bsides I am dictator around here.

  3. There is a brand new html fragment. You will need to put this fragment in your web site because the current fragment has the old ring name and may also contain erroneous information.

OK here is the HTML fragment. Please remember to replace XX with your ring ID. Look at a Page Source under the view menu to obtain the ring number from your existing code. Also replace YOUR ADDRESS and YOUR NAME with your email address and name. Also this fragment uses a new logo: Here is a new logo

To see the new fragment Click here and remember to hit the back arrow when you are done.

Customizing This Code

  1. If you are a WebTV or an Expage user, you may have some trouble uploading graphics. substitute src="" for src="zcwr.jpgquot;.

  2. Everybody else, please download the new logo and put it on your own web site.. It will load faster that way.

  3. If you want bigger borders around this code, increase the border size from 2 to any number you like. For smaller borders, or no borders decrease the number.

  4. If you want to do a different kind of table or use a custom logo, please let me know. I like looking at other people's work.

  5. If you do any really interesting custom coding with the new fragment, please let me know. I would like to see what you have done. I may put your version of the fragment here to give members a choice.

Well, that's about it. I hope you like the changes. Spread the word, that we get better and better. Too bad it takes growing pains.

Eileen H. Kramer/ZOIDRubashov -- 10/19/99