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What is ZOID CITY?

Dear parent or guardian:

Your child would like to become a member of ZOID CITY Community and Community Competition. ZOID CITY Community and Community Competition is a learning community of web site creators. ZOID offers a friendly atmosphere that encourages communication between people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and points of view.

ZOID accepts ANYONE OLD ENOUGH TO BUILD A WEB PAGE and the rules and expectations are the same for children as they are for adults. Due to a US federal law called COPPA, children under thirteen must have parental written consent sent by regular mail. As a parent you will need to fill out the form below to allow your child to participate. This letter explains why we collect personal information from your child and a bit about how our community works. To know more, please visit ZOID CITY http://www.zc2zc3.addr.com for yourself, email me, or contact me using the information at the bottom of this page. Another option is for you to join ZOID CITY Community along with your child.

ZOID asks for your child's URL and web page title, so that we can make sure your child's site fits the community's broad guidelines. In practice, this means we want to make sure your child's site is her own and that she is not using it for a business.

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The heart of ZOID CITY Community is the zc2zc3@onelist.com email discussion list. An email discussion list allows any member to send a message to all the others and answer messages that any member of the group sends to the list. It is like a big conversation around a table and also like a web board, but one that only the members can view. Our mailing list is unmoderated but STRICTLY SUPERVISED according to a set of rules available at http://www.zc2zc3.addr.com/zelist.html Sometimes this kind of a list is called a social contract mailing list. The zc2zc3 email discussion list prohbits, chain letters, hoaxes, cursing and swearing, flaming, and embarassing ordinary members in public.

Because your child will be on an email discussion list, she will see significantly more mail in her box than she may be used to. Traffic on the list runs between one and ten letters per day. Either you or she are free to consult one of the trustees to help your child manage her subscription. A digest option is available to cope with the load and a web-only option is available for vacations.

On an email discussion list, your child's email address will be visible to all the other members. Please remember that if your child's email address is on her web site, it is also visible to the whole world. Members may also contact your child privately via email. In fact, the mailing list rules ask them to do so if they have anything critical to say to your child. Private contact may feel intrusive but it is better than public embarassment. Your child is ALWAYS FREE to tell any one conversing with her by email to STOP for any reason. ZOIID CITY has a zero tolerance policy toward harassment.

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ZOID is noncommerical and nonprofit, though some of our forms, web boards, and our ballot have ads because we outsource them. We will NOT SELL OR GIVE ANY MEMBER'S EMAIL ADDRESS OR OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANY THIRD PARTY except our mailing list host. This includes any and all commercial interests. This also includes law enforcement agencies unless they have a subpeona or warrant signed by a judge.

ZOID CITY also runs an openly scored web site competition. The competition runs alternate weeks on a Sunday-Thursday schedule. Please visit our Exhibition Space http://www.zc2zc3.addr.com/zexib.html to see the sites on display. We make your child's raw vote total available at all times and her percentile-range score available three times during the five day cycle. You may need to explain our somewhat complex scoring system to your child. Both you and your child can learn about scoring at http://www.zc2zc3.addr.com/zstat.html.

The remaining optional demographic information is useful for making your child's stay at ZOID more productive and keeping our community culturally sensitive. Children should not have sites in competition or be particularly active with the mailing list or projects during or near the time of final examinations at school. We want no one to sacrifice their grades for ZOID. In addition, members who are shomer shabbos (those who strictly observe the Jewish sabbath), should not have to have their sites put into competition during the time period from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday in their time zone.

I hope you agree that ZOID can offer a wonderful and enriching experience for your child. Please feel free to ask me any additional questions by sending me email at ehkuahll7@tacheiru.every1.net or by mail or phone.

Eileen H. Kramer/ZOIDRubashov
Head of the Board of Trustees
ZOID CITY Community and Community Competition

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Application for Membership and Parental Consent Form


Child's Name, Nickname, or Handle:
Child's email address:
Child's web site name:
URL of web site:


Does your child have final exams in school?
If so, when are they scheduled?
Is your family shomer shabbos?
If so, what is your time zone?


By signing this form, I permit my child to release the information necessary for her to become a member of ZOID CITY Community and Community Competition, and allow my child to join ZOID CITY.

Parent/Guardian's Name:
Parent/Guardian's Email Address:
Parent/Guardian's Signature:

Now snailmail this form to the address below.

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Please mail the completed form to:

Attn: ZOIDRubashov
Eileen H. Kramer
Apt #3
3724 Maryland Circle
Columbus, GA 31907

Phone: (706)-563-2505 (please leave message)

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