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Work is for you!

You don't have to work at ZOID CITY Community, but you will get more out of your membership if you do. ZOID CITY Community is a web creator learning community first and a competition second. You can consider that the bad news if you want. The good news is you work for yourself. True, a trustee verifies your work assignment and may even suggest an interesting project, but your work enhances your strengths and answers your own needs for enrichment, personal learning, and internet skill. If you enjoy talking to others, make mailing list participation your work choice. If you want to learn to code but don't know how, that too can be a work choice. If you want to learn more about a particular subject on the web, then we offer surfing assignments. Similarly there are graphics, IRC, and even outside assignments on other sites, especially interactive stories, web boards, and clubs. For more details, please visit the work board. If you don't see something that interests you, create your own work option. Trustees appreciate ingenuity. Remember work is your way of having ZOID CITY Community give you something more than when you arrived. Work is for you.

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Work FAQ

  1. If I don't fight can I still work?

    Yes, see the intro paragraph. Work is for you and always available.

  2. I am a newbie, can I work?

    Yes, not only can you work, but you can start right away. Work is not a reward for long suffering loyalty and obedience. Work is your right.

  3. If you call it work, how can this be fun?

    Who told you work was not enjoyable? Choose a job that you think you will like. You can change jobs so you don't get bored. Give yourself an opportunity to show off your skills or learn something new.

  4. Who assigns work?

    You choose your own work option. You can select one from the Main Work Board or create a work assignment of your own.

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  5. How will anyone know that I have completed my work assignment?

    Most work contains a verification procedure. If your work choice is writing three letters to the ZC2ZC3 mailing list, Most projects produce a product that everyone can see. These include letters to the mailing list, coding, donation of graphics, etc...

  6. Why are some work assignments so much easier than others?

    ZOID CITY Community consists of many members with sharply differing strengths and needs. One size does not fit all. You can not ask a twelve year old who uses her provider's WYSIWIG editor to code, or a gentleman who lives in his head to do graphics. Also, there are times when even the most skilled and enthusiastic member does not have the time and energy she would like to devote to something deep, involved, and spectactular.

  7. Why should I work when I don't get paid? What do I get for working?

    Work enhances your feeling of ownership and belonging at ZOID CITY, but beside that the reason for working at ZOID is the same reason you might volunteer anywhere else in the real or virtual world. Work helps others. Work helps you. It keeps a conversation going on a mailing list. It publicizes your fellow fighters' sites. It adds to the common areas' format or content. Of course, you can use work at ZOID CITY Community for a community service requirement at work or school. You can mention it on resumes and college applications, and if you do a good job, a trustee can write you a reference.

  8. What if I can't code, and what if I can?

    fighter teaching Coding at ZOID CITY means raw HTML with only the most minimal of editors, or preferably none at all. It also means you create your work off line so you can move it or save it. The reason this is such a good thing is that hand coded HTML is easier to change or fix and works well with more browsers and older browsers. If you can code HTML we need you in the worst way.

    If you can't code HTML without heavy reliance on an editor, you can still be a member and still work. Hand coding your own web page is one of the work options. Meanwhile, choose work that does not require coding.

  9. Why are there external work assignments like interactive story and newsletter contributions?

    These are there because some members prefer creative writing to mailing list participation or coding or surfing, and ZOID CITY Communtiy wants to keep work as interesting and enjoyable as possible. Also some people don't like to work for their trustees. They need to feel that they are still their own person even though they belong to an organization. If you find a club or interactive story site not listed and would like either trustees to include it, please let us know.

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Your Way Around the World of Work
Work is for you! Work FAQ To the Work Board
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