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The ZOID Principles

We don't have SPIRIT because we live by our principles!

Intellectual and Personal Growth -- ZOID is a learning community. This means that a search for the truth which is knowable though not easily or completely, is more IMPORTANT than having fun. The search for the truth means more than increasing your technical skills, though I feel that all members should eventually learn html. One can often solve web problems in many other ways. Intellectual and personal growth means talking to and meeting others who are different from yourself, learning about subjects that interest you via the internet, and discovering the truth by learning, talking, and sharing.

A high regard for and belief in truth, gives ZOID a zero tolerance for fraud such as chain letters, hoaxes, and rip-offs. A high regard for truth, also underlies most of the other ZOID principles.

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ZOID CITY Community and Community Competition is a Noncommercial and Nonprofit alternative to traditional web site competition communities. ZOID currently has no banner or popup advertising. Also ZOID offers no material or monetary prizes, so we need no advertisers, and ZOID does not allow business pages to compete.

Intellectual Freedom Intellectual freedom is the name for freedom of speech granted by a private organization. At ZOID CITY nearly all personal web sites and their owners are welcome. No one need fear expulsion for the occasional expletive, a humorous or artistic nude, reproductive health information, a tale of gritty violence, or strong political views. You are free to choose the chat or board provider that best suits your needs. For more information please consult our Approval Rules.

Note: the mailing list does run via a social contract that places restrictions to some of what you can say out of a need to maintain harmony between members and give the less experienced a safe place to speak. Intellectual freedom is not as sweeping as the freedm of speech granted by the United States Constitution.

Intellectual freedom also means that you are free to criticize ZOID itself or the trustees in both public and private with no retaliation. ZOID runs by the documentation you see on this site and the Trustees use those rules when making decisions or in the unhappy case where we must discipline a member. Written rules mean that the way we work is known to all, including you and that we do not "make it up as we go along."

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Open Communication The leadership and more experienced members at ZOID are not afraid to answer the BIG QUESTIONS such as how much time a commitment here requires or how many votes you receive. When there are technical glitches, we let you, the members, and the whole world know both through the mailing list and the main site. When there are other problems, we come to you. There is no culture of secrecy at ZOID.

Fair Competition Competition at ZOID is both at large and openly scored. There are no teams which prevents an asymmetry that can send a first time fighter with a swelled head smashing into a brick wall or trap a talented fighter in a cycle of just not being good enough. Fighting at ZOID is horizontal and single round so that everyone gets a chance to win roughly every other week. Scoring is open with raw vote totals available in real time and spreadsheets availale so that any one may score at home. Statistical scoring means that you get precise information about how well or poorly you have done. You deserve good information because it helps you make good decisions. Moreover, ZOID practices handicapping that allows for multiple victors and prevents fighters with runaway victories from displacing others who have also worked hard and whose sites the surfers clearly enjoy.

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Consensus Counts. Except in emergencies, times of extreme apathy, or day to day running of the web site, ZOID runs by cnsensus of the active membership. GOVERNANCE DECISIONS appear regularly on the zc2zc3 mailing list and trustees ask members for their input. Of course members themselves can raise GOVERNANCE DECISIONS. Your voice counts at ZOID.

Stability ZOID does not eliminate members whose sites fare poorly in competition or disqualify them based on web site content. You are a member at ZOID for as long as you would like to be. You can make this your home. If you are here to make friends, you don't have to worry about getting kicked out or burning out via a massive vote exchange campaign (though fighters may exchange votes of course). Unless you have faced elimination after waging a hard campaign in a voting and visiting competition, stability seems irrelevent, yet it is not something to take for granted. There are people who will do anything to belong. At ZOID, we don't want to put you in that position...ever.

Eileen H. Kramer/ZOIDRubashov/Roanna -- September 28, 2000

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