The ZOID Coppa-Cabana

No "music and passion are [NOT] always in fashion" at this hot spot. Rather the wheels of federal beaurocracy run over the opportunity for free association for those under thirteen. As a nonprofit and noncommercial organization, ZOID is pretty well immune from COPPA. The problem is that it takes paperwork to prove we are nonprofit, and until that is done, we have to remain COPPA cmpliant. Therefore, ZOID now must require the written signature of a parent or guardian for all new members twelve and under. We now have two application forms. Please fill out the one that is right for you.

If you are 13 years of age or over, please use ZOID CITY's Regular Intake Form to sign up for membership.

If you are 12 years of age or under, please print off the Parent Participation Pack, and send it in via snailmail.
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