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If you don't want to use mIRC or a similar program to do IRC, or if you are working from public machines where IRC is unavailable (Please make sure that chattting is permitted at your locale), then try our Java Chat Fusion.

Of course nothing is as easy as it looks. To reach one of our chat rooms, you will need to fill in the chat box with the information in the table below to connect with the room of your choice. The rooms, ports, and servers all go together and the longer names are listed in the chat box. Good luck and enjoy. By the way it has been more than a year since I set this place up and I am not sure any of these rooms work or exist any more, but you can always find other ones.

ZOIDRubashov/Eileen H. Kramer 12/24/00

Chat rooms for You!

Here are the chat rooms that we have set up. You will need to feed this information into the java chat fusion box for it to work. This is not as hard as it looks.
ZOIDRubashov/Eileen H. Kramer

Server Port Room
us.xnet.org 6667 #ZOID
irc.bytecenter.com 6667 #zc2zc3
newbrunswick.nj.us.superchat.com 6660 #ZOID
Reefer.HUB.ExodusIRC.Net 6667 #ZOID

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