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What is an adoption center? Why should I adopt? How can I adopt?
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What is an adoption center?
An adoption center is a web page where you can acquire graphics, usually of animals, to display on your own web page. Usually the adoption center asks you to display their banner as well. On the right is a copy of our banner:

I support teaching evolution in the public schools -- ZOID EXOTICS Yes, this is an adoption center with a cause.

The code that goes with the banner is: <a href="http://www.zc2zc3.addr.com/zadopt.html"><img src="evol.gif" alt="I support teaching evolution in the public schools -- ZOID EXOTICS" border="0"></a>

If you are from the academic side of the net, it may surprise you that many of those new to the net, particularly those who got on after 1995, communicate with pictures as well as words. One of our adoptions sends a powerful message about where you stand on an issue that in the USA is unfortunately still unsettled.

Why should I adopt?
You want to adorn your web page. ZOID EXOTICS also offers animals available no where else, giving you a chance to display an unusual if not quite unique graphic. Also you may want to show the world that you support the teaching of evolution in the public schools.

Evolution is a partially proven theory that explains the origins of and relationships between organisms. Natural selection or microevolution is pretty much fact. Humans have duplicated it with selective breeding. Corn (maise) can not reproduce on its own due to a husk and seeds tightly bound to the cob, but humans planting seeds of wild grasses created this grain staple. Great Danes and Chihuahuas can not interbreed due to size differences created by selective breeding. Another example of natural selection is the inadvertant creation of antibiotic resistant bacteria. By the way, it was Darwin's breeding of pigeons that got him started thinking about evolution.

Macroevolution, the big picture of how we got from microbes to man, is not complete. We have an interesting assortment of bits and pieces that supply facts that give clues, the fossil record, dna sampling, differences in hemoglobins, and comparative anatomy and physiology.

The study of evolution has provided benefits to humans. Study of fossils often points at good places to drill for oil, and the mechanisms of natural selection explain the creation of resistant insects and bacteria as well as ways to prevent resistance. Evolution is tightly bound to such disciplines as geology, genetics, and even psychology.

Biology majors and premedical students in college study evolution. Today's high school students are tomorrow's college students and eventually tomorrow's doctors and scientists. If you support teaching evolution in the public schools, you support giving high school students a first rate preparation for college and work.

Finally, unless you are a Biblical literalist, it is possible to believe in evolution and believe in God. Charles Darwin, was a minister. Evolution describes only the process of creation and leaves plenty of room for a creator. In fact, learning about evolution, like all the life sciences, requires a close study of God's design. That evolution is anti-God is a myth created by a handful of fundamentalist Christians.

How do I adopt?
Pick out the graphic you would like and hold the mouse over it. Click the right mouse button and choose save image. The graphic is yours. Also take the banner (see above) for use with the graphic. Change the code of your web page to include the graphic and the banner, and upload both the banner and graphic to your web site. The first time you do this, it will feel cumbersome. If you are used to adoptions, it feels obvious.

chimp The chimpanzee is the closest living animal relative to man. Chimps and humans have DNA that is 98% the same! Scientists have even taught chimpanzees and other great apes to use rudimentary sign language.

mandrill This mandrill doesn't have to get all dressed up to look his best. His facial markings and bright pink rump are all he needs to attract females of his own species.

aye-aye There are very few Aye-Aye left on the island of Madagasscar, but you can own one for your web site. These prosiminans, use an elongated middle finger to scoop insects out from underneath tree bark.

a quagga Quaggas are ancestors of today's horses and they became extinct in historical times. You can't find them in real life but we do have them here, complete with their handsome stripes.

a trilobiteanother trilobitea third trilobite
Trilobites, ancient armored creatures that lived millions of years ago are available for adoption in your choice of three colors. Adopt one or more and let them scuttle around your web page. Of course these .gifs are not animated.

a nautilus Nautilus are relatives of the octopus, though one would hardly believe that when seeing their elegant shells. They live in the depths of the Indian Ocean and many of their habits are still secrets. One can see why their shells are collectors items.

Teaching evolution in the public schools is a worthy cause. That is why we are a member of Quilts For The Cause. To see our patch of the quilt, click here. For any questions about this site, please email ZOIDRubashov (Roanna).

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