ZOID CITY Community and Community Competition Application for Membership

This is the application form for members who are THIRTEEN YEARS OF AGE OR OVER. Members under thirteen are welcome, but they must use the Parent Participation Pack. This is to keep ZOID in accordance with a federal law called COPPA. I apologize for the delay that this causes in getting our younger members accepted. I would like ZOID to function as an "age neutral" community, but the US government has seen otherwise.

In order for you to participate here, we ask only for a small amount of information, though you probably don't believe that. The only questions that you MUST fill out are the first four. The remaining six questions are requests for demographic data that will help prevent you from doing stupid things like competing during final exams , prevent the trustees from doing stupid things such as suggesting a work project when you have way too much work at school or your job. The demographic questions also allow us to work with you so we do not violate your religious beliefs about observing the Jewish sabbath. All of these purposes are solely for the running of this community.

ZOID features a fairly straight forward PRIVACY POLICY that covers members of all ages, but if you have more questions feel free to email me, ZOIDRubashov/Eileen H. Kramer .

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The following items are optional but highly recommended

Are you gainfully employed?    Yes No

If you are employed do you work...

Are you a student?    Yes No

If you are a student do you attend...

Are you shomer shabbos? If you don't know what this is, you are NOT.?
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If you are shomer shabbos what is your time zone?   

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. I hope that your time at ZOID CITY is enjoyble.