Score Along at Home

One of the things that separates ZOID CITY Community and Commmunity Competition from other voting and visiting cmpetitions and other competition communities is that we score OPENLY! This means you can score at home. ZOID offers spread sheet templates in two formats. If you are a Mac user, there is nothing for you yet but you can create one and put it on offer. We also offer raw scores on demand from our ballot provider Formsite. OK, here is everything you need:

  • Learn about percentile-range scoring by clicking here.

  • Get the RAW VOTE TOTALS by clicking here.

  • Obtain aspread sheet template from our by famous spread-o-matic. The spreadshet is in an older version of xls that should work with most versions of Excel.

  • Insert the raw vote totals into the spread sheet or figure the percentile range scores by hand.

  • Note, if we handicap scores, you will need a new version of the spreadsheet or need to calculate the scores a bit differently. To learn about handicapping, click here.

  • If you do your scoring around 10:30pm Eastern Time on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights during the competition cycle, your scores should agree with the ones I get. If you score at other times, they will be a bit different. If you score at the same time as ZOIDRubashov and your scores are different or if you detect a mistake, please email ZOIDRubashov immediately.

Please close this page when you are through.